Holiday Traditions of Greece

Holiday Traditions of Greece

A tradition is the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs from one generation to another. Traditions can be things we do with our families (blowing out birthday candles), things that our countries do (like waving flags on Independence Day) and things we do in honor of our religious beliefs (like wearing a special symbol of faith – a cross, Star of David, pranava, and so on).

A very special time of year when many traditions are practiced is during the three holidays that fall in the “12 Days of Christmas” – Christmas, New Year and Theophany.

In Greece, about 98% of the population is Greek Orthodox Christians. These three celebrations are very special in the country and people celebrate in many ways, from caroling, to decorating boats, baking special foods, and even jumping into the cold seas! These are some of the oldest traditions that are practiced throughout the country.


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